Authentic Pub Fare

Owner Patrick “Poncho” Visgilio has turned executive chef Vince Hernandez loose to create some of the best pub dishes available in Redlands. This 13-year friendship has landed on a good note as you sink your teeth into fresh two-pound certified Angus Beef burger made big enough to uphold its well deserved name: The Al Capone […]

Your Closest Friends

Redlands is a town of unique personalities. Folk singer Joan Baez played her first songs here, Magician Harry Blackstone Jr. practiced memorizing feats of illusion in the southern hills, and Teddy Roosevelt even addressed the American people on State Street right around the corner. The unique Victorian homes here serve as reminders of what makes […]

Nightlife With A Twist

We offer a variety of exceptional evening entertainment. Drop in for a classic night of karaoke with your friends or co-workers, enjoy live music by some of Redlands’ best local artists or plan and host a fund-raising event for your favorite charity. The “Underground” also features live pole dancing by a variety talented artists so […]


Live music by local artists. Drop in during one of many unique sets and enjoy a night of entertainment by some of your favorite bands or broaden your taste and discover some new sounds that you are sure to enjoy. If you'd like an opportunity to perform the music you love, let us know and maybe one of these days you'll be rocking this house (you big star you).


Kick it old school Japanese style... If you don't like being fenced in, you'll also enjoy karaoke nights every Thursday at 7 and Saturdays from 9 to close. We have a great sound system and the perfect atmosphere to let it all hang out, so bring in your coworkers for a night of team-building of just good ol' fashioned competition. The world is your oyster...

Pole Dancing

NO PRUDES ALLOWED! Pole dancing night is when local dancers get their groove on six feet under. Redlands Underground is proud to host pole dancing groups and individuals who aren't afraid of lifting a leg to the crowd and showing us how it's done. Cheer on your favorite dancer for a PG-13 night of bikini and hot-shorts mayhem..

Charity Events

Raise Awareness Redlands Underground is a proud supporter of local charities and the cause of compassion in everyday life. We frequently host fund-raising events for local charities and benefit dinners for those in need. If you'd like to host a dinner party for your cause or need, contact one of our bartenders or managers and we'll setup up a meeting.

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